First Contact, The New Viewers Guide of The Best Star Trek Episodes, as written by a Mega Nerd™…



As some of you may know, I am a Star Trek fan, but to say I am just a fan is an understatement, I love it! It’s in a special category of the things that make life worth living, like Beer, Sushi, Women and music and has made me the Mega Nerd™ I Am today! Growing up, In my house when Star Trek came on, everything and everyone stopped in there tracks. Shit was dropped on the floor, chores stopped! There could be a fucking nuclear explosion going off outside and it would still wouldn’t keep us from our 45 minutes of glorious Trek! It sucked the family in and when the episode had elapse we would gather around my mom and we would talk, yes talk about each episode, what the story was about, what was the deeper meaning and what it meant in a broad sociological terms. Jeebus I understood that the destruction of the Klingon moon of Praxes was an allegory for Chernobyl before I was even in middle school!   While I can’t say I approve of everything my parents made me go through growing up (church, public school, living in the Midwest) I can say that without this TV show, I would be a different person!

To those who are hip, Star Trek, in the aired TV sense of the word is dead. Yeah there are new movies but in it’s original form (45 minutes of one man’s hope and vision of humanity) its no more, and thanks to those new movies (which I hate so very much!) people are turning to the shows and finding out why these stories and characters have stood the test of time! With this chance for the next generation (hehe!) to get a taste, I feel that it’s my duty as a life long fan to introduce those people to what makes the show great and to do that you’ve got to watch the shows. Now for me I grew up with them all starting with “The Next Generation” and working forward and back but for people today, with the lack of time, school, normal sex life and career, one may not be able to sit down and put the time in on every single episode. With this in mind I have collated a list of the best episodes for first and repeat viewing! With long Portland coffee fueled discussions with my brother Yul™, I’ve broken down the episodes that go above and beyond to demonstrate just how righteously kick ass this show is. These episodes permeate both the futuristic ideals of Star Trek and more importantly reflect what all good story telling and Sci Fi does which is to allow us to look at ourselves thought the mirror of the fantastic and alien!

I poured over thousands of hours of viewing and reflecting and made the list, and seeing the rich body of work, choose logically to start with the Orginal Series and it is my hope that watching thses episodes will entice you to dig deeper and watch the shows because there are plenty of episodes I left off the list that while not as amazing as the ones I’m about to mention, they are a great watch! I will how ever point out that I will not include the last series of Star Trek, “Enterprise” on this list. That show is an embrassment to its predicessors. It’s a slipsod attpemt to  make the show appeal to a broader audence that had the dazzle and power of a flaming bag of shit. If you don’t feel that way or want to see for yourself, watch them, thats fine, or just sit down and watch the new Star trek movies, Abhrams mannaged to do with those movies which Berman could not, but its not any better!


So with out further adue:


Best Star Trek episodes




Season 1

The Corbomite maneuver

Balance of terror

The Galileo Seven

The Squire of Gothos


The Devil In The Dark

The City on The Edge of Forever


Season 2

The Doomsday Machine

A Private Little War

By Any Other Name


Season 3

Day of The Dove

The Way to Eden

All Our Yesterdays

Let that Be Your Last Battlefield




Season 1



Season 2

The Counter Clock Incident





Season 1

Where No One Has Gone Before


Season 2

Loud as a Whisper

Measure of a Man

Pen Pals

Q Who


Season 3

Who Watches the Watchers

The Enemy

The Offspring

Sins of the Father


Best of both worlds 1 & 2


Season 4

The Wounded 

Devils Due

The Drumhead

Half a Life


Season 5


Silicon Avatar

I Borg


The Inner Light


Season 6


The Chase


Season 7

The Pegasus

Journeys End 


All Good Things



Season 1

The Nagus


In the Hands of The Prophets


Season 2

Rules of Acquisition

Armageddon Game




Season 3

Past Tense 1 & 2

Life Support


Improbable Cause

The Die is Cast

Family Business


The Adversary


Season 4

The Visitor


Paradise Lost

Sons of Mogh


Rules of Engagement

Hard Time

The Quickening

…Nor The Battle to the Strong


The Begotten

For The Uniform

A Simple Investigation

Business as Usual

Soldiers of The Empire

Children of Time

Call to Arms


Season 5

Favor The Bold

Sacrifice of Angels

Statistical Probabilities


Change of Heart


In The Pale Moonlight

The Reckoning

The Sound of Her Voice


Season 7

Once More Onto The Breach

Field of Fire

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Tacking Into The Wind




Season 1




Season 2



Death Wish





Season 3


Real Life

Distant Origin

Scorpion 1 & 2


Season 4

The Gift


The Year of Hell 1 & 2

Mortal Coil

The Omega Directive

Living Witness


Hope and Fear


Season 5



Nothing Human




Dark Frontier


Equinox 1 & 2


Season 6

Barge of The Dead


Blink of an Eye

Child’s Play

Live Fast and Prosper

Unimatrix Zero 1 & 2


Season 7


Critical Care

Friendship One

Natural Law

Endgame 1 & 2


Now make them shits so!

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